Welcome to the website of SAMONI - plastic windows and doors.

Manufacture, sale and installation of plastic windows, doors and accessories to devote more than 10 years and during that time we have gone through hundreds of satisfied clients. Given that the technological and quality leadership, however, the success of the market itself is not sufficient, the key to the reputation of our products is particularly honest and good work done in the open assembly and provide all relevant information to our customers.

Our primary goal is customer satisfaction and therefore our business is built on quality. Each range is our effort to meet the demanding customer who is a quality in the first place. We provide comprehensive services, from quotation to installation itself. We have a solution for those seeking optimal ratio between price and quality. Any action that you and our company together to draw up undergo your windows, doors, blinds and accessories will be another step towards perfection of your home. Meet customer is not always easy, so we decided to manufacture our windows and doors work with partners who are in their field to the highest reputation. Our goal is maximum satisfaction of every customer, not only quality but also affordable, and meet all requirements such as security, energy saving, thermal insulation, durability, protection against noise, easy maintenance and recyclability profiles.

Long-term guarantees long-term satisfaction

Of plastic windows, our care will not end, on the contrary, we pay special attention to quality installation, without which the supply of windows and doors can not be complete. Is important for us and good customer service and therefore the plastic windows and doors are guaranteed for seven years and fifth years, first offering to our customers annually to guarantee a free service.